YouTubers Business – Yes that’s right, people are making big bucks posting videos on anything from beauty, fashion, life, and almost anything you can think of onto YouTube.

The most popular YouTubers have estimated income levels of several hundreds of thousands right through to more than 10 million dollars of annual revenue! If you are considering this as a business you need to remember that if you are going to earn money you need to treat it like any other business. You need a plan and a strategy, not just a jump online approach with any old videos, all these people work very hard and their business acumen shines through to create their success.

If you want to be the next YouTube superstar – Make an appointment for a Small Business Idea Generator session today, to get the ball rolling on your YouTube dream. I (Kelly Robinson) make it a high priority to stay on top of all types of business models and this is just another one which is increasing and I am able to offer the advice needed to get on track.

Creating videos and posting them daily, weekly or when ever suits them – Sounds good huh

What you really need to know is that while some may produce a 10 minute video once a week, there is SO MUCH MORE to their success than anyone realises and the Top YouTubers work REALLY HARD. The world of YouTubers is massive and there are people doing amazing things and creating massive income streams not just from the advertising on their channels but through appearances, merchandise, books and more.

Building a following is the most important part; this is just like any other business!

You need a tribe of people who love what you have to offer and are loyal; just like any other business!

Your offering has to get people buying and sharing what you have; just like any other business!

Collaborating with other YouTubers who complement your channel will grow your popularity; just like any other business!

Business insider listed the top 20 last year and I invite you to have a look at them and see the work they do, some will not interest you and some will intrigue you as to their popularity. The number YouTuber remains Sweden’s PewDiePie, he has over 34 million followers and posts daily, starting back in 2010, he has had rapid success and like many other YouTubers he has a merchandise store.

Take the time to search through and watch some channels on there – The world of YouTubers is not just for teenagers, it is for everyone! There are endless topics to choose from and many of the top YouTubers have several YouTube Channels, multiplying their potential to show ads and earn their income.

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